April, 2018

Garden is 8 Weeks Old Now

Here you can see all the strawberries on the plants, the strawberry garden is only 4 weeks old. Also hundreds of tomatoes all still green -so hard to see, and lots of flowers. The tomato trees are really healthy and quite large.  You can see my 6 foot... Read More | Share it now!

Here is a walk-thru of the garden

I did a little walk-thru of the garden currently. Everything is doing so well. All the plants are loaded with flowers. We also have quit a few green tomatoes already. Even the strawberries have lots of flowers and the start of strawberries. ... Read More | Share it now!

Easter gave us Fabulous Weather

Hope everyone had a fun Easter. The weather here was fabulous. We have our first tomatoes and strawberries popping out of the season. ... Read More | Share it now!